Registration 2022


With the registration the runners note that they have to keep the regulations of the Straßenverkehrsordnung. The first and last 1.1km of the run are on the streets and therefore the runners need to be very careful.


Important: Please do not transfer the race fee in the race week after Wednesday 15:00, but pay it directly when collecting your race number on Friday or Saturday. Thank you!


Online Registration 2022 (preferred registration)

Attention! The registration will be openend end of February/beginning of March 2022. Stay tuned.

We are looking forward to receiving your registration!


Online registration closed on Friday, June 24th 2022, 12pm. Onsite registration still possible on Friday between 5pm and 7.15pm.

Fees will be updated in the section below.

Late Registration - On Site

Late on-site Registration is ONLY available on Friday, 24.06.2022, between 5pm and 7.15pm.


It is not possible to register on the race day itself (due to organizational requirements).


Relay Classification

F/M to total age <= 119 years
F/M to total age between 120 - 149 years
F/M to from total age >= 150 years
Mixed relay


Relay with two runners (F/M/mixed)

1. Runner (1st and 2nd distance), 2. Runner (3rd distance) or

1. Runner (1st distance), 2. Runner (2nd and  3rd distance)


Marathon Runner
F/M 18/25/30/35/40/45/50/55/60/65

z.B. F/M30 (1985-1989)


The first runner of a relay can also start as a marathon runner.
A marathon runner can also run in a relay of 2.


The time will be tracked with Wintec as well with a Bib attached to the starting number. It is important that the starting number is visible, especially at the refreshment areas, relay points and most important at the finishing line.

Fees and Registration

Fee till 18th June 2022

(after that + € 2 / Runner)


Relay Team (3 runners): € 135 (€ 45 / Runner) (€ 141)
Relay Team (2 runners): €   94 (€ 47 / Runner)  (€ 100)

Marathon: € 47 (€ 49)
Relay team (3 runners), with 1st runner as marathon runner: € 136 (€ 145

Relay team (2 runners), with 1st runner as marathon runner: €   94 (€ 100)


Important: If you want to register on site, you have the possibility to do that ONLY on Friday, June 24, 2022 between 5pm and 7.15pm. On Saturday there won't be a late registration.


BIC and the IBAN code:

IBAN: AT 922081508600500667

Bank: Steiermärkische Sparkasse
Name: Werner Pointner (or Grenzstaffellauf)
Address: Feldweg 4, 8663 St. Barbara im Muerztal (Veitsch), Steiermark, Österreich

Reference: Your name and/or your team name

Registration via Email (optional) - when registration is open

By email ( with following information:

  • prename
  • surname
  • sex m/f
  • address (email mail address, if different from registration)
  • age (birthday)
  • referring relays: the correct order of the runners